Jen Porter Rocks

Jen Porter

Jen Porter is an acclaimed Chicago singer, songwriter, musician & performer.

Growing up with parents who inspired people in the pews and around the campfire, Jen has stoked a fire in the bellies of thousands of fans with her irreverence, passion, and strong smoky voice.

While she spends most of her time performing as an international piano bar entertainer throughout the Caribbean and Europe, as well as entertaining around her hometown of Chicago, Jen has been steadily cutting original albums and building a following for her own music for more than 2 decades.  Jen used to enjoy residencies with her talented group of backing musicians, fondly known as The Most Fabulous Band , at such prestigious places as Navy Pier, the John Hancock Building and US Cellular Field in Chicago.  She was voted Chicago's favorite local musician by readers of the Chicago Free Press and enjoyed performing multiple times in Chicago's LGBT Pride Parade. She has also been honored to be performing the US (and sometimes Canadian) National Anthems as well as occasionally performing God Bless America, for the Chicago White Sox since 2007.

For about a decade she has been sharing her talents around the globe in international cities such as Amsterdam and Oslo, as well as in enviable vacation destinations such as Gran Canaria, the British Virgin Islands and the Dutch West Indies, to name a few.  Jen spends two thirds of her time entertaining abroad annually.

Closer to the Surface , Jen's fourth album, was a significant step on her musical journey.

“I think this album brings me so much closer to where I want to be as a musician. Just as the title says, I'm closer to the surface,” says Jen. “This album is a testament to how far I've come.”

For her fourth effort, she brought in Grammy-nominated producer, Chris Steinmetz of Stonecutter Records. Steinmetz discovered her during a gig at Chicago's Underground Wonder Bar and asked her to be part of his Acoustic Chicago, a compilation of the city's finest musicians.

“He made me sound better than anybody ever had, so I knew — no matter what it was going to take —

I had to make my next album with him,” says Jen.

Steinmetz has an impressive 20-year track record that includes work with Kanye West, Jay Z, Feist, Tori Amos, Kiss, and Smashing Pumpkins, to name a few.

“Jen Porter is a powerful performer who can bring down the house with her high energy,” he says.

“Closer to the Surface sets out to show the diversity of her talents as a singer/songwriter and push the limits of her creativity. This album gives fans melody, emotion, energy, and a sense of common ground.” reviewer Barney Quick says the record is exceptional.

“This is real music, wide and deep. It's accessible but still invites you to take your time to see what's really there. I don't need any comparisons to get a handle on what she's doing. She's setting a standard by which others down the pike will be compared.” To read the full review click here

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•  Has released four independent & original albums 
•  Named Best Local Musician by the Chicago Free Press
•  Featured on Stonecutter Records' Acoustic Chicago compilation
•  Featured Chi-Tunes performer in Red Eye, a Chicago Tribune Publication
•  Regular performer of U.S. National Anthem for the nationally televised Chicago White Sox; has also performed for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Fire, and Detroit Pistons
•  Performed for an audience of 200,000+ people at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
•  Continuous radio airplay and interviews across the U.S. and Europe, including satellite and terrestrial radio
•  Has written original music and had material solicited for film and television projects