Jen Porter Rocks

What's Next CD ©2018 - CD

Jen's 5th album has been a long time coming.  As Jen has amassed experiences traveling around the world sharing her musical gift she has been steadily writing new material.  Now at long last, this material is available.  Buy it here!

Closer to the Surface CD ©2009

Jen Porter, Chicago native, has been musical ever since her parents put her in piano lessons at age five.  Closer to the Surface, her fourth album, is based on her personal and musical journey. "I don't think an artist ever says, Ok I'm done.  I've finally achieved everything." said Jen.  "That being said, I think this album brings me so much closer to where I want to be as a musician."

Produced & Engineered by Grammy-nominated producer, Chris Steinmetz of Stonecutter Records, Jen says, "Chris brings an edge to my music and vocals that has never been captured before."

Moving On... CD ©2006

Powerhouse vocals, sophisticated songwriting and stellar band performances make this Jen's best work yet!

Produced by Ed Toth, Recorded and mixed by Jake Belser, Farm Fresh Studios, Moving On... represents Jen's growth as a songwriter, with the amazing help of these awesome musicians: Ed Toth, Steve Cook, Jeff Libey, Brian Toth, Chris Foreman and Ben McLelland.

It's About Time CD ©2002

A funkier, stronger rock album from Jen.
Produced and Engineered by Matt Feddermann, Phase Media & Productions, this highly-anticipated, full-length album from Jen contains 11 original tunes with enhanced production, sound, instrumentation and more (with a little help from me friends)!

Faces CD ©1999

Produced and Engineered by Jeff Gordon, El Gordo Studios, this is Jen's first all-original, smooth melodic rock album. This album is often referred to as "The Red Wine Album" by many of Jen's fans.