It's About Time

Jen Porter

Powerhouse vocals over piano-driven rock with life & love-centered themes

When I first decided I was ready to tackle recording my second album, I knew which songs would be on it, but that was all I knew. I didn't know where I would record, who would help me produce the album, or when it would be ready to sell. Some of the songs on the album have been in process since 2000, the year after my first album "Faces" was released. Since then, I've known that I wanted my sophomore effort to have more exposure and to reflect the forward direction my skills as a performer and as a songwriter have taken. "It's About Time" makes me so proud as a singer, a musician, a songwriter and a person in general.

In January of 2002, I performed in a showcase called the Chicago Singer Spotlight. After the show, I was approached by a musician/producer named Matt Feddermann, who not only liked my tunes but also thought he could bring good production to them for my album. Now, nearly 11 months later, Matt is finalizing the mixes, finishing the songs many others and I have been working on for so long now.

The title reflects not only a thematic thread that runs through the lyrics of many of the songs, but also the necessity of the album itself, of having new material, of having something new for my friends and fans; without them I'd be nowhere now! It also exposes my own feelings about finally getting the second effort out on the streets for you to enjoy. Gentry Newsletter, Dec. 2002 For more information on Jen and her career, go to

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