Jen Porter

Powerhouse vocals backed by smooth melodic lines-straightforward lyrics that relate universally

There's no doubt about it, Jen has been playing music all of her life.

With straightforward lyrics that relate universally and music that flows from one song to the next, despite several different styles exhibited, Jen has the ability to captivate any audience.

The lyrics speak of life, love, and deep relationships that affect all of us.

The music is melodic and heartfelt.

Friends say she's "Ahead of her time" and "Stronger vocally than anyone else I've heard".

With a voice that reaches out and grabs you and a piano style that's simple and melodic, you won't soon forget this performer.

Jen was born and raised in Chicago.

After leaving for Ann Arbor in 1993 to obtain a BA, Jen soon realized that she wanted more than an education: She wanted to perform.

She fronted several bands, singing lead and harmonies, playing piano and guitar.

She entertained people in several different venues around southeastern Michigan for close to five years.

She enjoyed a solo residency at a piano bar where people came to hear incredible music in a comfortable setting every Thursday.

Her quest to share her music has brought her home, to Chicago.

Jen currently plays at least twice a week in the city and is continually booking more solo performances.

Her powerful voice is attracting more and more attention in her hometown than ever before.

Jen also sings a song that's rather challenging and can be quite moving: The National Anthem.

She sings it a cappella and commanded the attention of over forty thousand when she performed for the Detroit Pistons while in Michigan.

Now, she is bringing this stunning performance home as well.

She has performed at Soldier Field and plans to perform for "as many events as they'll let me", she says.

Imparting a strong sense of patriotism and "bringing tears" to the eyes of many sharing the experience, Jen soulfully performs the Anthem to perfection, bringing huge crowds to their feet every time she performs it.

Her style is expansive and universal.

You can't help but love her powerhouse voice and smooth piano.

Jen plays everything from Stevie Nicks and Aretha Franklin to Alanis Morrisette and Fiona Apple, as well as her own original creations.

Don't miss this fresh, new female on the scene!

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